Week 13

Both characters remodeled as per feedback from Panel on week 12.  Have sent screenshots to John Salem for more feedback.  Once OKed, I would proceed with texturing and rigging.  Meanwhile I have started modeling the environment.  One great inspiration I got recently is the movie Dilla by graduating students at Ringling.  The environment they have made is insanely simple and yet pretty cool.  Have emailed one of the students who made the film to see if he can give me some tips as to how me made the environment.  I downloaded the clip and am trying to breakdown how they did it.

I’ve also started going through tutorials on how to do Maya Hair and fluids.


Caveman Model – 6 hrs

Dino Model – 5 hrs

New Dino Model

New Dino Model

New Caveman Model

New Caveman Model Back view

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