Week 21

Have animated the rest of the shots.  Few more cleaning up to do.  Have put together a playblast to show the panel for the beta presentation.  Had to shoot few more reference shots.  Started lighting scenes to get a feel for the visual look.  Realised that the texture on the deer is not entirely convincing.  This is mainly because of a shot where the camera is really up close to the deer’s skin.  At this proximity, the flat texture gives away the illusion of fur.  So ideally I had to look into using Maya’s fur for the texture of the deer.  After spending about two days in researching fur, I however decided against using it for the following reasons.

1.  The fur made the deer look a bit too  realistic.  Even when I tried to make the fur look cartoony, it did not sit well with the rest of the environment.  Having a fur like that would mean that the grass and bushes need to be remodeled to fit into the world.

2.  Fur takes way too long to render compared to non-fur models.  Since I am a bit behind schedule I would need to look into ways of cutting render time.  Having fur, and the problems fathomed to be associated with it is going to eat into the remaining time left in the project.

3.  The problem of camera proximity shot where the texture on the deer is failing can be fixed as follows.  With a Z-Depth pass rendered out, I can then focus on the background, i.e., the caveman and have the deer in the foreground a little blurred.  This will still give the impression that the deer is in the foreground, but it will take care of the texture failing problem.

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