Week 22 – 23

Shots are a bit more polished now.  Have started to put together a playblast to be shown to the panel next week.  Finalising camera moves.  From the initial playblast it looks as it the shots are a bit “choppy”.  There seems to be a lack of flow from one shot to another.  I will have to preserve the pose of one shot and have to start animating from that pose on the next.  So far I have followed the animatic to plan my shots.  The process is made more difficult by the fact that all my shots are in separate Maya Projects.  Therefore transferring a pose from one Maya project to another requires a lot of manual work. The easiest way I found, and one I’ve been using is to just screenshot the last pose of the character from one shot and use it as the beginning of the next shot.  So far its working ok.

Also have started sourcing music and sound effects.  I want the classic cartoony feel to the film.  Since Sound is not my speciality, I am assuming this is going to take a while to get right.

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