Week 24

Presented the playblast for the beta-presentation to the panel.  Panel seems to like the progress.  Got some good feedback regarding my camera work.  So have to move some cameras around to make shots a bit more dynamic. Have finished the lighting and have setup render layers so I can start rendering out the shots.  Few problems have creeped up while setting up render layers.   Some of the textures in my scene have transparency map on them.   In the render layers, only the Colour layer recognises this alpha.  All the other layers, like AO, Key light, Fill Light, etc. don’t take alpha into account.  As a result they render out as polygons without alpha.  While compositing, this is going to give problems, as there will be a translucent box around the texture.

To get around the problem, instead of using the preset layer attributes in Maya, I have to create shaders individually for every texture that has alpha.  So for the ambient occlusion layer for instance, I have to have one shader for all objects without transparency.  And then I have to create individual surface shaders for all the objects.  For some objects, I have decided to get rid of the transparency altogether.  These should solve the problem.

Have setup render farms and started rendering the shots.  All shots should have finished rendering by end of next week.

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