Week 14

– Both models approved
– Shot 1 and 2 Environment 70% finished.
– Screenshots and Playblast will be posted shortly

Got a reply from the makers of Dilla regarding how they did the environment. Here’s the screenshot.

Reply from makers of Dilla the film.

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Week 13

Both characters remodeled as per feedback from Panel on week 12.  Have sent screenshots to John Salem for more feedback.  Once OKed, I would proceed with texturing and rigging.  Meanwhile I have started modeling the environment.  One great inspiration I got recently is the movie Dilla by graduating students at Ringling.  The environment they have made is insanely simple and yet pretty cool.  Have emailed one of the students who made the film to see if he can give me some tips as to how me made the environment.  I downloaded the clip and am trying to breakdown how they did it.

I’ve also started going through tutorials on how to do Maya Hair and fluids.


Caveman Model – 6 hrs

Dino Model – 5 hrs

New Dino Model

New Dino Model

New Caveman Model

New Caveman Model Back view

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Week 12

Dinosaur Model rigged and skinned.  Put together a temporary texture for both the models. Finished doing blendshapes for caveman model. Laid out placeholders for the environment and did a 3D Animatic to nail down the timing of shots. Put together powerpoint presentation for end of the trimester presentation.  Previous blog site got infected and I was not able to access the account.  Have asked the hosting service to look into it.  Meanwhile put together this blog and moved my posts.

Rigged Models

Infected blog site

Time Sheet:

Skinning –  5 hrs.

Blog layout – 2 hrs.

3D animatic – 4 hrs.

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Week 11

Both models retopologised and ready to be rigged.  Started with the caveman rig.  Rig laid out properly and tested.  All seemed to work fine.  Skinned the character.  At first had problems with Maya’s 2011 interactive skin weighting tool.  But got used to it pretty soon.  Mesh deforms properly for most part but there are some skinning issues still that need to be ironed out.  For now I will be starting with the Dinosaur rig and come back to the skinning later on.

Caveman Rig Layout

Time Sheet

Rig Layout and skinning – 10 hrs.

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Week 10

Finished retopologising both models.  Started UVing the caveman model.  Meanwhile downloaded a dinosaur rig from CreativeCrash to break it apart and see how its built, since I’ve never rigged a dinosaur before.  After studying the rig for a while, I emailed the rigger as I had some questions.  He replied back explaining the rig. However he used a whole bunch of scripts he downloaded from the internet to build the rig.  My past experience using free scripts from the internet were really terrible.  Therefore I decided not to depend too much on free rigs and start to do the rig from scratch myself.

Sample Dino Rig from CreativeCrash

Time Sheet

Studying rig layouts – 5 hrs.

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Week 9

Finished retopologising caveman model and started retopologising the dinosaur model. Was able to reduce the caveman model from 15000 polygons to about 9000 polygons.  Realised that the program Topogun does not remember the UV layout of the reference model.  Therefore I’m gonna have to UV layout my model again. Also during week 6 feedback, John Salem mentioned that my previous UV layout was not up to professional standard.  So therefore I will have to layout the UVs again anyway.

Topgun edge layout

Topogun Dino Layout

Time Sheet:

Retopologising models –  9 hrs

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Week 8

Learnt to use the Topogun software through various online tutorials.  This seems much easier than trying to re-topologise in Maya or Zbrush.   I am halfway through re-topologising the caveman model.  Hopefully I will be able to reduce the poly-count of the model significantly.  As I am re-topologising I am getting familiar with this new program.  So by the time I finish the caveman model and start to retopologise the dinosaur, I should be well versed in the program and should be able to do things much faster.

Time Sheet:

Learning TopoGun – 5 hrs.

Retopologising Caveman – 7 hrs.

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